You're about to start your first AI project


Who are you?

You know that your data can generate more value. You want an AI-driven organisation, but you need help with who, what, and where. Business impact is critical to your success.

Hit the ground running

Our thorough preliminary research and sharing of expertise ensure that your investments in AI deliver maximum value.
We choose our projects carefully. We spend our time efficiently. We avoid the well-known AI pitfalls.

How we work

We won't start a project until we're certain that the use case has a good chance of success. That’s a complex process. Which is why it’s important that spend some time getting to know each other first, depending on your level of data maturity.

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1. AI introductory meeting

Inspiring, exchanging knowledge, and getting to know each other. The no-strings-attached AI introductory meeting will give you a first impression of AI use cases with which your organisation can achieve success.

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2. Use case workshop

In the use case workshop, we explore your organisation's current situation. What are the conditions for a good AI use case? Which use case would you lito start with? What are potential pitfalls?


3. Consultancy

Once we both believe in the use case, we can enter the third phase: the implementation of the use case by one or more of our consultants. In your place of work, to ensure optimal collaboration with your colleagues.

"Very pleasant to work together with someone with strong communication skills. Both technically towards the team, and functionally towards management."

Michiel Kamp - Yolt

Are you interested in the possibilities?

Our account manager Kirsty will find just the right consultant for your data challenge.

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