Talented. Driven. Proactive.

Our mission

We want to make AI accessible to everyone, because we believe that AI improves our society and the planet. How? By developing, building, and integrating data solutions in the correct way.

'2 heren zijn met een flipchart bezig, 2 heren maken een praatje en een heer en dame praten ook'

Vantage AI's unique selling points

Talented People

Thanks to our development programme, the very best data enthusiasts want to work at Vantage AI.

Access Expertise

No project is too complex thanks to the expertise and experience of our colleagues at sister company BigData Republic.

Competitive Rates 

Our prices are friendly, because our employees' learning curves are more important to us.

Our culture

Vantage offers heaps of personal attention, and colleagues know each other well. Our drive, enterprising spirit, and passion for the profession bring us together. But we’re engaged in more than just learning: we often hang out outside of work, and we get pumped about our skiing trip months in advance.

Our promise

We promise to use all means at our disposal to achieve your AI goals. We will improve your efficiency, accelerate your growth, or help you become more sustainable. Your goal is our goal.


Personal development, that’s what we're all about. All consultants are highly driven to continuously learn and improve their skills. Not only on training days, but throughout the week.

Our people

Apart from knowing a lot about data science and engineering, our people also have a feeling for business. We enjoy our work and love to help others.

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'Impressie van een meeting met 6 verschillende mensen'
“I have experienced the short lines of communication and expertise of the consultants as very pleasant, and they also had the essential domain knowledge.”

Teun Jacobs
Almere City FC

Vantage AI is part of Sparkler B.V.

We are a small company, because we want to stay in control of the course we take. But we’re not alone: we are part of a collective of five related companies called Sparkler B.V. A massive advantage of this umbrella is that different disciplines can join forces during a project. We are especially pleased with our close collaboration with our sister company BigData Republic. This collaboration enables us at any time to fall back on a team of seasoned data experts who always have the know-how to assist us. BigData Republic also gives our consultants wonderful opportunities to continue growing. That is the next step after the 3-year Vantage AI programme. If you want to know more, have a look at their websites!