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Being a Vantage colleague means being challenged. Our projects vary greatly. We guarantee that you will learn new techniques, and develop the power of persuasion as a true advisor. Our technical and soft skill training courses aid you in this process. When we welcome you as our new team member, you become a part of the family. You will have colleagues you can both count on for help, and enjoy a beer with.

The 5 pillars of the Vantage Program:

  • Grow and develop: In 2 years time you'll learn everything you need to know to call yourself an experienced Machine Learning Engineer. Then you'll graduate to our sister company BigData Republic.

  • Broad client portfolio: 4 days a week you'll work for interesting clients where you'll gain a lot of experience. We developed a broad client porfolio, with big companies such as IKEA,, and LeasePlan, but also smaller organizations like Yolt and Managed Grid. Which client would be the right fit for you is something we'll decide together.

  • Mentoring: Your own personal coach from BigData Republic will be available from day one. He or she will help you with anything you need. Personal development, making the right choices, advice on your current assignment at your client, anything is possible. 
  • Friday office day: Every Friday we organize an office day. That day starts with a training session. The topic varies: from Infra-as-code to Advanced Python, but soft-skills are also part of the program. Every training session contains a hands-on excerice. That way you not only learn about the theory, but you also practice new tools and techniques. Our colleagues from BigData Republic give many training sessions, but for some topics we use the help external companies and trainers. Once the training session is done, the most important part of the day starts: lunch. Furthermore, the Friday is the perfect day for catching up with colleagues, hatching plans for team events, having drinks, it's all on the agenda.

  • You decide: The last and maybe most important piller of the Vantage Program is that you decide. What you want to learn, when you want to learn it, which training sessions should be on the program, what your new assignment should be, they're all choiches you get to make. That way we make sure that you achieve your potential.
Vantage Program

The reason I joined Vantage AI is that I wanted to learn about all the different aspects of machine learning. I quickly found out that there's much more to it that developing models. Things like model serving and monitoring as well as data and even software engineering are skills and tools that allow you to turn big data into big value. The culture, support and great attention to personal development at Vantage makes this incredibly steep learning curve feel effortless. 

Menno Liefstingh

Menno Liefstingh
Machine Learning Engineer

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Why join Vantage AI?

  • Excellent benefits, such as a leased car (if you want), a high-end laptop of your own choosing and a training program of the highest quality. Naturally we'll also offer you a good salary. 
  • Your colleagues are a team of driven machine learning engineers. They participate in the 2-year Vantage Program with you. You'll see that you'll develop a close bond that'll exist even after you've completed the program.
  • Fun & games, such as team events, ski trips, after work drinks, etcetera. There'll definitely not be a shortage of fun events to join! 
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