What our colleagues have to say about working at Vantage AI

"Recently I made the switch from Vantage AI to BigData Republic. There's no doubt that I'm very happy and grateful for my time at Vantage. I loved the atmosphere, the help everyone was willing to give and the many interesting trainings. Every Friday the whole team would come to the office, where we had a training, some time to work on a project, opportunity to ask questions but also an opportunity to really enjoy ourselves and catch up with each other.

I've learned so many new things about Data Science and Engineering, giving me a sense of security that on whatever project I would end up, I would also at least know something about the topic. Moreover, whenever I was stuck on a project I could lean on either my colleagues at Vantage or the experienced seniors of BigData Republic who were right next door. The best part however, were the jokes and the friendly environment the group offers. Now I'm at BigData Republic this hasn't changed a bit. Safe to say, Fridays are my favorite!"
Annelies van Nuland
Data Scientist at BigData Republic

"The best ideas are not invented alone"

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"In my previous jobs, I was able to solve the data puzzles but I was wondering if I solved them in the best way possible. That is why I joined Vantage AI! The courses and knowledge sessions we have every Friday teach me best practices and the state-of-the-art tools to use. If I have a more specific question I can always go to my mentor or one of the other seniors at Big Data Republic. Another personal goal is making a positive societal impact via my work. Vantage AI has listened to this and found a project at the Dutch railway manager, which lets me make the railway safer and easier to manage. Glad to have joined this awesome club!"
Clint de Keizer
Machine Learning Engineer

"Making a positive impact is my goal"

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"As someone with a more research-focused Artificial Intelligence background, the reason I joined Vantage AI is that I wanted to learn about all the different facets of machine learning. I quickly learned that there's much more to machine learning than developing models: things like model serving and monitoring as well as data and even software engineering are the skills and tools that allow you to turn big data into big value for clients. The culture, support and great attention for personal development at Vantage make this incredibly steep learning curve feel effortless. Besides that, this culture, the people that foster it and the tight cooperation with BigData Republic make Vantage into a great a home base from which you can excel every week before coming back to share your experiences and keep learning on Friday." 
Menno Liefstingh
Menno Liefstingh
Machine Learning Engineer

"Writes his grocery list in VS Code"

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