Machine Learning Engineer

Do you want to grow even faster? With our program you’ll become a senior or lead machine learning engineer in two years time. How does that work? Continue reading and find out.

This describes you

You’ve got 1-2 years of hands-on experience with data science, machine learning engineering or data/software engineering. As a consultant you want to make an impact by building machine learning products from A to Z. That’s why you’ll want to grow both in breadth and depth by developing your data science, data engineering and business skills. You’re a good communicator, inquisitive, and you have a passion for the domain. Your goal is to become one of the best machine learning consultants in The Netherlands.

About Vantage AI

We’re a high-potential consultancy firm specialising in machine learning. We believe that machine learning can solve many important issues in our society. Developing data solutions the right way as well as building and integrating them is how we do that. With our Vantage for Social Good program we actively work on a better world. 

Vantage AI is part of a network of nine IT companies called Conflux. With this network, and especially our sister company BigData Republic, we have access to a plethora of expertise and experience. After completing the 2-year Vantage Program our consultants graduate to BigData Republic, ensuring that everyone’s learning curve remains as steep as ever.

What's in it for you?

  • 2-year training and development program

At Vantage AI we focus on the growth and development of our machine learning engineers. With our program you’ll gain experience at leading companies in The Netherlands for four days a week. You’ll spend every Friday with your teammates at the office. Here you’ll deepen your knowledge through extensive hard and soft skill training sessions. Topics include software engineering principles, advanced machine learning techniques, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, and many more. In addition, you’ll be matched with a senior consultant from BigData Republic to be your mentor. Together you’ll determine your learning objectives for each quarter.

  • Variety of clients and projects

Challenging machine learning projects at clients like IKEA, Ahold, Schiphol and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that’s what you’ll work on at Vantage AI. The projects vary greatly. One day you could be building a product recommender for an online supermarket and the next day you’ll optimize the supply chain of a manufacturing company. You’ll get every opportunity to bring your knowledge and skills to practice and learn more about the industries, business processes and tools.

  • Coaching by top experts from BigData Republic

We use the knowledge and experience from BigData Republic as much as we can. Our senior sister company has years of experience in offering data science, machine learning and data engineering solutions. Right from the start you’ll be matched with a senior consultant who’ll be your coach. The Friday training sessions are also given by BigData Republic colleagues. That way you’ll not only learn the newest techniques, but they’ll also teach you the business skills needed to successfully complete a project. 

  • Your colleagues are a team of driven machine learning engineers

Your new team consists of talented, like-minded people who will participate in the 2-year program with you. You’ll see each other every Friday, but it’s easy to also find each other during the week to chat about any practical challenges you encounter at your client. You’ll develop a tight bond that’ll exist even after you’ve completed the program. There will also be no shortage of nice events such as after work drinks, games, ski trips, etcetera.

  • Excellent benefits and career opportunities

Working at Vantage AI definitely comes with benefits. In addition to a good salary you’ll receive a mobility allowance that you can use to lease a car if you want to. You also get to choose your own high-end laptop, you’ll receive an excellent care package and you’ll of course get to participate in the Vantage Program.

After two years you’ll have learned the required theory and gained experience with different projects. You’re ready to graduate to BigData Republic and you know the kind of specialty that suits you. Whether you want to be a highly specialized data engineer, a computer vision expert or a business oriented team lead, anything is possible.

Your Qualifications: 

  • The drive to become an excellent machine learning engineer.
  • A Masters degree or PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Mathematics, or another relevant discipline.
  • At least 1 year of work experience as a data scientist, machine learning engineer, data engineer or software engineer.
  • Knowledge of machine learning models and techniques.
  • An affinity with MLOps basic techniques and tools, such as Kubernetes, CI/CD, Infrastructure-As-Code and Distributed Processing. 
  • Programming skills in Python or other relevant programming languages.
  • Great verbal and written communication skills in English (Dutch is a plus).
  • The desire to work with motivated and enthusiastic colleagues!

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