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Data Scientist

We are not actively looking at the moment, but please contact us if you are interested! Then you know for sure that you will be in the front of the queue when we can hire people again.

This is you

Your passion is data and unveiling the insights hidden within it. You seize every data question with both hands. Achieving maximum business value through Data Science is what drives you. Your communicative skills are strong, you have programming and machine learning experience, and you are eager to keep learning. In fact, you’re already an excellent Data Scientist, but you won’t stop until you reach the top: you want to become one of the best Data Scientists in the Netherlands. In short, you have the required qualifications, talent and drive; the only thing missing is sufficient work experience.

Vantage AI

Vantage AI is a young enterprise that offers flexible talent with tomorrow's knowledge. Vantage AI's Data Scientists are innovative, communicative, flexible, personal, and highly driven. For us, a small-scale company, those are the indispensable core values that allow us to work with your organisation and create the optimal Data Science solution.

Vantage AI is the perfect place to keep developing in the field of data science and also gain practical experience within different sectors. With the friendly and helpful atmosphere within the team, Fridays always feel like coming home!

(Bart van Aalst, Data Scientist at Vantage AI)”

What we offer

We invest in our Data Scientists. In our opinion, a year is too short to really make a difference. That is why the Vantage AI program spans three years. During this time you will work at different, inspiring partners — especially chosen for you — for four days a week, whilst getting support from true experts. Each Friday, you get the chance to deepen your knowledge during intensive training sessions at our office, together with your team and other like-minded and enthusiastic Data Scientists.

- Diverse projects 

You will be working with inspiring partners for four days a week. Not as a trainee, but as a full-fledged consultant. We believe in your talent and quality, and that is how we present you to our partners; nothing less. You will get to put your knowledge and skills into practice, while learning more about different branches, business processes, and tools.

- Team of ambitious Data Scientists

We believe in the team, as much as we believe in you. We help each other when things get tough, and with more mundane, day-to-day obstacles. We go through an intensive training program together, as a team. When the program ends, we stay connected. That is why we are not only interested in you as an employee, but also as a person. Prepare yourself for some fierce foosball on the Friday afternoons, the occasional kart night, and of course plenty of ‘gezellige borrels’. Only when you can be yourself while being together, you can reach your full potential as a person and in your career as a Data Scientist.

- Guidance by top experts

The weekly training sessions are hosted by the experts of our sister company BigData Republic (BDR). As a senior label, BigData Republic has years of experience in offering solutions in the field of Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Infrastructure, and Data Strategy. You will learn from their experience on projects for well-known clients such as, Wehkamp,, Heineken, KPN,, and ING as well as innovative start-ups.

- Lifelong learning

On Friday you and your team members of Vantage AI will share the knowledge that you have gained during the week. That way, you quickly get to know many different business processes, tools, and Data Science solutions used in the industry. During the training sessions you will learn more about topics such as deep learning, recommender systems, time series and predictive maintenance. But you also get to know diverse tools, such as Scikit-learn, Tensorflow and various cloud platforms. You get to partake in interesting events and challenging hackathons. We believe in life-long learning. As a Data Scientist, you can always keep learning, even when you seem to have reached the finish line.

- Solid opportunity to grow, with good conditions.

Throughout the three-year programme you will shape your own career to fit your talents and ambitions. At the end of it, you will be given the opportunity to join our sister company BigData Republic as a Senior Data Scientist. We offer you the full package: next to a fair salary you will have an excellent mobility budget, with the option of a lease car. You can also choose your own high-end laptop, and you will get a wonderful welcoming package and lots of training.


In summary, here's what's important to us:

  • the drive to become one of the best data-science consultants  
  • strong communicative skills 
  • the capacity to navigate new companies
  • hands-on machine learning experience
  • strong command of the Dutch language 
  • a quantitative university background (or PhD)
  • experience with programming in Python or R
  • the desire to work with motivated colleagues

Let’s meet!

If you have any questions about our development program, feel free to contact me at or +31 6 48374555. Looking forward to it!

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My name is Tim Janssen and I am the recruiter at Vantage AI.

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